New York, NEW YORK

So, here it is... my very first trip to NYC. I've spent the last ten years traveling the world - from Norway to Italy to Cambodia and another dozen+ countries beyond.  Whenever I've spoken with locals in other countries and mention I'm from the U.S. they immediately mention New York, to which I respond "I've never actually been" - then they usually respond with a gasp or "what"!  I guess it seems strange to me too that I've always had such a profound urge to travel thousands of miles to visit many cities in other countries and have never even traveled half way across the U.S. to visit our country's largest city.  It was really never at the top of my travel list, but seeing that I don't have any big international trips on the horizon, I thought I'd give my domestic travel list a boost and finally explore NY.  With the help of a good college friend who is a born-and-raised New Yorker and my sister, Liz, it was a very memorable 4 days...

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