Remembering Miller with a Complimentary Photo Session

Some of you may recognize Miller from other photos on my blog and website.  Our super silly boxer boy and one of the great loves in my life, our dog Miller, passed away last February.  It has been over a year now and I still miss him every day - we were incredibly close.  He was only six and a half years old when he was diagnosed with lymphoma right after Christmas and passed two months later.  It came as a complete shock to us.  He was always so healthy and full of energy and life.  It is always difficult to lose someone you love and it felt even more difficult to have his life cut short while still so young and full of energy.  We had planned on having so many more wonderful years with him.

Since Miller’s passing, I have become even more aware of how many canine lives are lost to cancer.  An estimated 4-6 million dogs die from cancer each year, which is a heartbreaking number, and even more heartbreaking is that they are helpless in the matter.  It is our job as owners and their trusted companions to make sure that our dogs are eating high quality, healthy food, have access to clean drinking water, and aren’t exposed to toxins known to cause cancer in pets, such as fertilizers spread on our yards.  Our beloved furry friends are also unable to raise money and bring much needed attention to gather more funding for research and treatment of canine cancer.  So, it is our job to do this on behalf of our loving friends who would do anything for us - it is our job to return the favor and support them and this important cause.

Miller always played a very important role in helping me build my photography business.  He was always my muse and a wonderfully willing participant and my most photographic model.  I practiced all of my latest techniques and equipment on Miller and have built quite a library of Miller photos over the years!  I owe a lot of my success to Miller and to return the support and love, I’ll be participating in the Puppy Up Walk in Madison, WI on May 3rd for the second year in a row to help raise funds for canine cancer research and treatment.  

In an attempt to raise funds for this wonderful cause, I plan on using the photography skills I practiced for so many years with Miller’s help and will be offering a complimentary 1 hour photo session for anyone who donates $300 + to Puppy Up and a 30 min. mini-session for those who donate $150-$300 via my fundraising site by clicking here.  All donations go directly to the 2 Million Dogs Puppy Up Foundation to raise funds and awareness for canine cancer research.  Photo sessions may be used with or without furry friends or can lovingly be gifted  to someone who may like some lasting memories of their loving pet.  

(Please use your full name when contributing a donation and email me after doing so in order to schedule your photo session - Thank you!!!)

So grateful to my good friend, Kate Weinstein, for capturing these photos of Miller and me before his passing.  These photos are a lovely reminder of him that we’ll cherish forever.

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